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I sit tall in my saddle and peer into the trees, through the tangle of brambles and moss-covered branches. ‘Papa? Are you there?’ The only reply is a rustle of dead leaves and the harsh cries of the rooks circling high above. Reluctantly, I lift the reins and urge Jongleur forwards, into the shadow-filled depths beyond. He can’t have gone far . . . He was only a little way in front. I spy a sudden movement in the shadows ahead. A hooded man is crouched behind the trunk of a fallen tree, his frozen breath hanging in white clouds above his head. He’s partly hidden by a thorn bush, but I can see the bow and quiverful of arrows strapped to his back. A poacher? It’s hard to tell . . .

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Cat Sparrow isn’t like other people.

She loves music, and playing her bird-flute. She thinks differently too – and for a girl like her, the world can be an unsettling place. When Cat’s beloved sister, Meg, is snatched from their convent home, Cat sets out to find her. With the help of a young actor, Jacques, she follows Meg’s trail to the palace of Henry VIII and his queen, Katherine, and then over the sea to the strange and wondrous pageant of the ‘Field of Cloth of Gold’.

But in among the tents, feasts and tournaments, traitors are lurking. And Cat and Jacques must use all their wits if they’re to foil a plot that threatens them all.

Award-winning historical novelist Ally Sherrick heads in an exciting new direction with The Queen's Fool

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