88 books found in Fantasy
Nush and the Stolen Emerald
Jasbinder Bilan
The Cloud Thief
James Nicol
A Cure Ever After
Angharad Walker
An Emerald Sky
Aneesa Marufu
Oh Maya Gods!
Maz Evans
The Girl Who Grew Wings
Anna Waterworth
Son of the Sea
Richard Pickard
Xanthe and the Ruby Crown
Jasbinder Bilan
The Spellbound Tree
Mikki Lish, Kelly Ngai
The Spell Tailors
James Nicol
Once Upon a Fever
Angharad Walker
The House of Shells
Efua Traore
The Map of Leaves
Yarrow Townsend
The Balloon Thief
Aneesa Marufu
By Rowan and Yew
Melissa Harrison
Aarti & the Blue Gods
Jasbinder Bilan
His Royal Hopeless
Chloë Perrin
The Midnight Hunt
Benjamin Read & Laura Trinder