The Cloud Thief

Mara lives with her sick father in a drought-stricken village where rain comes at a price controlled by powerful cloud-makers. Without enough water, the village crops, animals and people will continue to suffer. To save them, Mara chooses to do something wrong – stealing from those who will do anything to protect their cruel trade.

Aliya to the Infinite City

At home in Cairo, an unexpected gift arrives for Aliya, promising to grant her greatest wish – to know more about her family. To her surprise, she's from a long line of time-travellers.

Whisked off by flying carpet to an extraordinary parallel Egypt, Aliya enrols at an Academy for high-fliers where she meets new friends. But an enemy is watching – a master of forbidden magic. And all he needs is Aliyas' hidden talent to change history forever . . .

A Cure Ever After

Kitt is a young financier who turns everything he touches to gold. Os is a failed methic with a strange talent. When a terrible accident causes Lundain to be consumed by toxic feelings, only they can heal the city – but it will cost one of them everything …

Hotel for Cats

A cosy Parisian animal story for ages 7 and up! 

At a hotel in Paris, four cats are in charge.

There is bossy Bobine, a secret knitter; tough-talking MulotCarpette, who is looking for love; and Couscous, who speaks to ghosts.

When a scared new cat, Wolfgang, arrives, the feline friends make it their mission to make him feel at home, and to find out why he is so afraid …

  • The first story in the bestselling series, translated from the original French and with delightful illustrations by Marie Voyelle throughout.
  • A classic little gem for readers 7 and up.
  • Sweet, charming and funny – readers will immediately fall in love with the five felines!

Winner Takes Gold

Pearl is a young gymnast hoping to be selected for the World Cup in Paris. With best friend Ryan and champion Jada-Rae, she’s facing her fears. But when sporting success is on the line, how far will they go to win? Is friendship for losers?

The Floating Witch Mystery

A charming stranger arrives in Sleeford Lock. Intrepid reporter, Veena Vale, is suspicious. But only Nightshade, the talking black cat, is listening. Together, they unravel an ancient river curse, tell uncomfortable lies and bake an awful lot of flapjacks …

Diamond Jack: Your Magic or Your Life

Eleven-year-old Bramble unearths a scarlet mask in her grandpa’s magical emporium. When she tries it on she becomes a notorious highwayman, Diamond Jack. It seems Bramble has been chosen for a mission: stand and deliver!

An Emerald Sky

Khadija’s sister, Talia, has been kidnapped and stolen into the magical realm of Al-Ghaib. Khadija embarks on a quest to rescue her. But Al-Ghaib, where the sky is emerald green, is a place of trickery: she will have to have all her wits about her if she’s to outfox her sister’s captor…

Channel Fear

Iris is obsessed with star YouTube ghost hunting duo, Zach and Lucas, who disappeared at an undisclosed location several months ago. Alongside her friend Byron and his girlfriend Molly, Iris has been searching for the location ever since.

When they find it, a horrifying truth emerges: whatever came for Zach and Lucas is coming for them too …

The Undying of Obedience Wellrest

Ned works as a gravekeeper with his grandfather. Ned’s odd life is disrupted when graves are disturbed and an attractive young woman, Obedience Wellrest (Bede), starts visiting the cemetery.

A mystery of science and magic unravels – and no-one is quite as they seem …

Oh Maya Gods!

Meet the brand-new Gods Squad led by Vesper, the bossy, football-mad adopted daughter of Elliot Hooper. Along with Virgo’s son, Aster, she heads to ancient Mesoamerica to save the world from Maya immortals messing with astronomy, chocolate and human sacrifice ...

One Chance Dance

Jomi’s Mum left him to find their destiny in Lagos. Now, Jomi and his friendly bush baby follow her – but their only starting place is a TV dance competition his mum used to love.

If Jomi and his new Lagos friends can get on that TV show, then maybe Jomi’s mum will see him and they can find their destiny together ...

Her Majesty's League of Remarkable Young Ladies

At her dull Victorian finishing school, fourteen-year-old Winnie dreams of becoming a top inventor like her father. Then, she’s recruited into a league of young ladies guarding Her Majesty the Queen.

Soon, Winnie is not only serving royalty but learning what she needs to save her papa.

A debut upper-middle-grade Victorian romp and the winner of the Times/Chicken House Institution of Engineering and Technology Prize 2021.

Monster Stink

The stinkingly brilliant sequel to Anna Brooke’s hit debut, Monster Bogey!

When the mysterious Stink appears, there’s a fart pandemic in the village – plus, Bogey has morphed into a dangerous, dripping sixty-foot goo monster, attracting the attention of Snotland Yard. Can Frank, Tiffany and the Snozzlers save the day?

The Housetrap

Deliah, Sam and Claude follow little sister Amity inside a mysterious mansion. But no sooner have they found her than the floor beneath their feet starts to twist and turn: the house rearranges itself like a giant Rubik’s cube.

To escape, they must solve the puzzle – and the century-old mystery of a girl who disappeared …

The Sundae Delivery Service

The action-packed sequel to The Boy in the Post: perfect for fans of the Adventures on Trains series!

A few months have passed since Orinthia’s transatlantic adventure with her two younger brothers and the mailbox menagerie is thriving, training animails to deliver post.

Then a family of ice-cream makers arrive in the village - including daughter Jemima – and announce they’re entering their ice-cream into the prestigious Golden Udder Awards in Norway.

Orinthia and Jemima decide to train a pair of cows to deliver a true show-stopper during the competition. But on the voyage to Norway and beyond, it’s clear someone is determined to sabotage their efforts …

The Girl Who Grew Wings

In the citadel of Appollis, the Gods bestow single gifts on a chosen few.

Icari has always known she's a Healer, while her twin sister, Sephie, is cast as an Embalmer, despite showing early promise as an Alchemist - a secret the sisters keep to themselves for possessing two skills is punishable by death.

While Sephie learns how to wrap the dead, Icari eases the suffering of others, including a charismatic enemy prisoner called Caszeil. And it's to Caszeil that Icari turns when demons rise up from the Underworld and kidnap her sister. With his help, perhaps she can rescue Sephie. Even if this means growing wings - and flying in the face of the devil himself . . .

Call of the Titanic

Young cabin steward, Sid, is proud to be working on the Titanic, the greatest ship ever built.

Clara dreams of adventure too, but she’s a stowaway in the hold of a much smaller boat, Carpathia. Here she meets the biggest, best dog she’s ever known: Rigel, who is on his way to be reunited with his owner. None of them could have imagined how they would need each other one ice-cold terrible night. Or that an even more extraordinary creature might also answer their call …

My Family and Other Romans

Silvia’s dad loves re-enacting Roman battles on Hadrian’s Wall – unfortunately, he’s stumbled through a one-way portal back to ancient Rome and dragged the whole family along for the ride.

Now, the fate of the world rests on Silvia’s shoulders …

The Wall Between Us

Berlin 1961.

Anja and Monika are best friends – they even share a cat called Otto. But a huge barbed wire fence is built between their apartment blocks – dividing the whole city: the Berlin Wall. Then, Anja discovers that Otto has found a way across.

And if he can reach Monika, so can she …