One Chance Dance

Jomi’s Mum left him to find their destiny in Lagos. Now, Jomi and his friendly bush baby follow her – but their only starting place is a TV dance competition his mum used to love.

If Jomi and his new Lagos friends can get on that TV show, then maybe Jomi’s mum will see him and they can find their destiny together ...

Her Majesty's League of Remarkable Young Ladies

At her dull Victorian finishing school, fourteen-year-old Winnie dreams of becoming a top inventor like her father. Then, she’s recruited into a league of young ladies guarding Her Majesty the Queen.

Soon, Winnie is not only serving royalty but learning what she needs to save her papa.

A debut upper-middle-grade Victorian romp and the winner of the Times/Chicken House Institution of Engineering and Technology Prize 2021.

Monster Stink

The stinkingly brilliant sequel to Anne Brooke’s hit debut, Monster Bogey!

When the mysterious Stink appears, there’s a fart pandemic in the village – plus, Bogey has morphed into a dangerous, dripping sixty-foot goo monster, attracting the attention of Snotland Yard. Can Frank, Tiffany and the Snozzlers save the day?

The Housetrap

Deliah, Sam and Claude follow little sister Amity inside a mysterious mansion. But no sooner have they found her than the floor beneath their feet starts to twist and turn: the house rearranges itself like a giant Rubik’s cube.

To escape, they must solve the puzzle – and the century-old mystery of a girl who disappeared …

The Sundae Delivery Service

The action-packed sequel to The Boy in the Post: perfect for fans of the Adventures on Trains series!

A few months have passed since Orinthia’s transatlantic adventure with her two younger brothers and the mailbox menagerie is thriving, training animails to deliver post.

Then a family of ice-cream makers arrive in the village - including daughter Jemima – and announce they’re entering their ice-cream into the prestigious Golden Udder Awards in Norway.

Orinthia and Jemima decide to train a pair of cows to deliver a true show-stopper during the competition. But on the voyage to Norway and beyond, it’s clear someone is determined to sabotage their efforts …

The Girl Who Grew Wings

Twin sisters, Icari and Sephie, live in a world where magical gifts are bestowed on a chosen few, divided into three callings: healers, embalmers and alchemists.

Icari is a born healer. Sephie is shocked when she’s told she’s an embalmer; especially since she already has alchemist powers. One person holding two powers is a crime punishable by death, so Sephie now carries a fatal secret. Then, winged demons steal her to the underworld. Only a pair of wings can bring Icari to save her twin ... But can a gentle healer learn to fight – and fly?

Call of the Titanic

Young cabin steward, Sid, is proud to be working on the Titanic, the greatest ship ever built.

Clara dreams of adventure too, but she’s a stowaway in the hold of a much smaller boat, Carpathia. Here she meets the biggest, best dog she’s ever known: Rigel, who is on his way to be reunited with his owner. None of them could have imagined how they would need each other one ice-cold terrible night. Or that an even more extraordinary creature might also answer their call …

My Family and Other Romans

Silvia’s dad loves re-enacting Roman battles on Hadrian’s Wall – unfortunately, he’s stumbled through a one-way portal back to ancient Rome and dragged the whole family along for the ride.

Now, the fate of the world rests on Silvia’s shoulders …

The Wall Between Us

Berlin 1961.

Anja and Monika are best friends – they even share a cat called Otto. But a huge barbed wire fence is built between their apartment blocks – dividing the whole city: the Berlin Wall. Then, Anja discovers that Otto has found a way across.

And if he can reach Monika, so can she …

No Place for Monsters: School of Phantoms

The second spooky illustrated story in the No Place For Monsters series - Stranger Things for younger readers!

Levi and Kat rescued their town’s forgotten children, but now the strangeness has started again: hundreds of creepy snowmen pop up across town and a bizarre blizzard traps the kids in school.

Now it’s up to a small group of students – along with some supernatural helpers – to uncover the cold-hearted menace before it consumes the entire school …

Ajay and the Jaipur Moon

Ajay’s wish has come true – he’s a news reporter for the paper he and his friends set up, The Mumbai Sun. But money is tight, so when he learns of a cash prize for the first person to find a crashed meteor, the race is on …

The sequel to the critically acclaimed Times/Chicken House Competition winner, Ajay and the Mumbai Sun.

Time to Shine at the River School

Welcome to a new term at the River School!

Best friends Jummy and Caro are attending together and they’re thrilled to discover that they both get to work on Nile House’s agricultural project.

But the Shine-Shine River is running low and Jummy will have to step up if she wants to save it …

Son of the Sea

The second whimsical, wondrous novel by the author of The Peculiar Tale of the Tentacle Boy!

Casper has water in his blood, his spirit, and especially in his giant webbed toes. His greatest ambition is to be the youngest person ever to swim the channel. The trouble is, his mum and dad are determined to ‘protect him’ from the allure of the waves (whatever that means!) and time is running out.

But when a freak accident hospitalises his parents, Casper’s sent to stay with a grandmother he’s never met in the magical seaside town of Corallium … but can he unravel the mysterious link between himself, Corallium and the ocean?

My Love Life and the Apocalypse

A post-apocalyptic rom-com perfect for fans of Adam Silvera.

Human life is dormant, waiting out the apocalypse in suspended animation. Empty cities wait for their inhabitants to return, tended by robots. But not all robots are simply machines.

Humanoid Echo’s heart is faulty, which means he’s pretty much a normal teenage boy … and he’s lonely after a century of vintage TV reruns and canned beans.

Then, a space-pod crashes from the sky with a girl on board. Pandora. But why has she woken up and no one else?

Can they find answers in their ended world – and new beginnings in each other?

Dandy the Highway Lion

Lonely after their family moves to London, Ben and Hattie are delighted to find a new friend in the park. But Mr Dandy Paws is a highway lion – and with a P.I. on his tail, his latest scheme could get Ben and Hattie into far more trouble than they bargained for …

• A delightfully old-fashioned debut adventure for modern children aged 7-11, full of friendship, daring and fun.
• Set in an off-the-wall 1920s London complete with talking animals.
• Strong animal welfare and ecological themes with a funny and fantastical twist.
• Illustrated by Roxana de Rond with a classic nostalgic feel.

The Way of Dog

Orphan puppy Scruffity yearns for Family – and when he is set free by a boy as unwanted and lonely as he is, his dream is fulfilled. But when tragedy strikes, Scruffity is alone again. How does a dog find his way home when he never had one to begin with?

How does a dog find his way home when he never had one to begin with?

Beautifully written... ambitious and absorbing’ BOOKS + PUBLISHING

Xanthe and the Ruby Crown

Xanthe loves visiting her grandmother in her tower-block flat with its lush rooftop garden. When Nani is diagnosed with dementia, Xanthe is determined to help her remember who she is and her family history. A mysterious cat leads Xanthe to some unexpected answers; secret mementoes from Nani’s past which reveal her as a girl who, long ago, was forced to leave everything she loved behind …

The fourth novel by bestselling, Costa Award-winning author Jasbinder Bilan follows archaeology-obsessed Xanthe as she uncovers her family’s secrets ...

Vita and the Gladiator

When high-born Vita’s father is murdered in Roman Londinium, Vita is forced to disguise herself as a slave at the gladiator’s arena. Here she forges an unlikely bond with Brea, a native Briton gladiatrix. Together, they resolve to bring the killer to justice before Vita is discovered …

• A rip-roaring adventure set in Roman London from the rising queen of middle-grade historical fiction, Ally Sherrick – winner of the Historical Association Young Quills Award.
• Vita, nicknamed ‘Little Owl’ by her father, is an unlikely hero – but when her father is murdered she has to uncover the truth, even if it means finding unlikely friends.
• Themes of deceit, storytelling and fighting justice.

The Witchstone Ghosts

Autumn sees dead people, much to her annoyance… but when her father drowns, he’s the one ghost that doesn’t appear. Then, a clause in his will sends her to the remote isle of Imber. Can Autumn uncover Imber’s dark past before it comes hurtling into the present?

Monster Bogey

Frank has a secret: he picks his nose. But when his tower of greenies comes alive, turning into a terrifying bogey monster that escapes into the night, he has to catch the creature before the villagers of Honkerty find out …

A funny, fantastic debut by author Anna Brooke, a major new talent in middle-grade comedy fiction!