The Notwitches

Melanda’s monstrous aunts, The Notwitches, treat her more like a servant than a niece.

Her life seems hopeless until an older girl, Mitch, knocks at her door offering the chance of freedom.

Mitch knows a thing or two about magic and for this special spell, all they need is one magical ingredient . . .

  • A big-hearted and funny adventure in the spirit of Roald Dahl, perfect for ages 7–11.
  • Brimming with loathsome villains, unexpected heroes, extraordinary set pieces and an almost-talking cat.
  • The first in a series, this is Gary Panton’s fiction debut, and is illustrated by talented newcomer, Dotty Sutton.



Hotel for Cats: No Room for Trouble

A charming Parisian animal story for ages 7 and up!

Help! Magda’s nephew Georges is coming to stay at the Hotel for Cats – and Mulot is terrified. When Georges last came to visit, he teased the poor cat so much that Mulot has developed a terrible phobia. His loyal friends, Bobine, Couscousse and Carpette, with the help of new cat Ciboulot, work on a plan to help their friend. But can he face his fear before Georges arrives?

  • The second charming tale following the sweet and loveable group of feline friends.
  • From the bestselling series, translated from the original French by Anna Brooke and with delightful illustrations throughout.
  • Delightful and funny – a classic little gem for readers aged 7 and up.
  • Perfect for fans of Paddington and Mango and Bambang.



Voyelle’s enchanting illustrations bring extra life and laughter to Pavlenko’s gorgeous Gallic gem as the captivating cast of cats wend their witty and wicked way into every young reader’s heart! LANCASHIRE EVENING POST

Inkheart 4: The Colour of Revenge (HB)

Return to the world of INKHEART . . .

After five happy years, Meggie, her father Mo and the fire-eater Dustfinger, along with a host of new friends, feel safe and settled.

But arch-villain Orpheus has found an unexpected way to wreak his revenge on the Inkworld! He has corrupted an artist to create bewitched portraits that will see the heroes fade to grey.

Dustfinger, his brave stepson Jehan, and a striking young witch Lila, the Light Reader, must come together to find a way to save them all!

This is the Colour of Revenge . . .

  • A brilliant new stand-alone novel that returns to the beloved world of the Inkheart trilogy – a series with worldwide sales of over 6 million copies.
  • The Colour of Revenge is already a Spiegel number one bestseller in both adult and children’s lists in Cornelia’s native Germany.
  • With gorgeous new illustrations from Cornelia Funke herself.


I don’t think I’ve ever read anything that conveys so well the joys, terrors and pitfalls of reading DIANA WYNNE JONES

… a rollicking good tale that pulls you swiftly through its pages.’ THE TELEGRAPH


The Great Phoenix of London

An exciting new middle-grade historical adventure from the bestselling author of Darwin’s Dragons.

1666. When 11-year-old bookish Gil finds a strange ‘heaven stone’ by the Thames, he never thought it would hatch. Or that so soon after the Great Plague, a small fire in London would become a deadly inferno.

Soon Gil, his phoenix, and his spiky friend Magda must cross the burning city, avoid a terrifying mob, and find a place where they can all be safe.

  • The fourth middle-grade historical adventure by hugely successful and critically acclaimed Lindsay Galvin.
  • A unique spin on the infamous tragedy with Galvin’s original mix of mythology, history and science.
  • The Great Fire of London is a favourite National Curriculum teaching topic.
  • A touching animal friendship at the heart of the story.

Oh What a Knight!

Join the Gods Squad in the third and final hilarious new installment of the Oh Maya Gods series!

Vesper and Aster need Excalibur to save the world. At the top of Glastonbury Tor, they find an elevator down to the enchanted realm of Camelot, where Arthur has been waiting for this day.

The elderly King and his loyal knights snap to attention – at last they have a quest! But Excalibur will only serve its chosen master. What would anyone do with such power?

  • The third and final instalment in the laugh-out-loud bestselling series.
  • Over half a million copies of Maz’s books sold.
  • Ties in neatly with KS2 curriculum as readers learn about mythology and Arthurian legend.
  • Full of epic adventure and big laughs!



Proves again that Maz is one of the very finest storytellers we have. PHIL EARLE

Maz Evans reigns supreme as queen of godly comedy. Oh Maya Gods! is hilarious, whip-smart and full of heart.’ AISLING FOWLER

Hilarious with a bolt of genius – her best yet’ M. G. LEONARD

The Dark Within Us

The Dark Within Us brings an inventive, funny and quirky reimagining of a modern version of hell.

When homeless schoolgirl, Jenny, meets demon, Luc, they make a dangerous pact. Both have been scarred by the same childhood event – the day Jenny’s soul was stolen by Luc’s father.

Now Luc has promised to return it, but can a demon be trusted? Jenny must find the courage to follow Luc into Hell and save him from the darkness that waits.

  • The stunning debut novel from the Times/Chicken House Children’s Competition 2022 Chairman’s Choice Prize winner, Jess Popplewell.
  • Draws on the author’s own experience of homelessness, making this a powerful authentic story.
  • Dante’s Inferno meets Euphoria in this fresh contemporary YA.

Auntie Medusa and Me

An action-packed, laugh-out-loud funny Greek mythology adventure from the author of My Family and Other Romans!

Hiya! I’m Silvia, an ordinary kid just like you.

At least, I was ordinary until I wound up in Ancient Rome as a demi-goddess. Yeah, that took me by surprise too.

But seriously, travelling back in time is nothing compared to what’s happening now: Medusa the gorgon wants her head back – and she’s chosen me to find it!

  • Packed full of Roman and Ancient Greek mythology – as you’ve never seen it before!
  • A laugh-out-loud funny family caper full of excitement and heart: perfect for fans of LokiHorrible Histories and Who Let the Gods Out? 
  • Readers will go on a time-travel adventure – with a LARPing twist
  • Perfect for ages 8 and up; sure to be a hit with KS2 readers, as Romans are a staple on the curriculum



‘Perfect funny escapism with added Roman mythology … Charming and mischievous!’ LOUIE STOWELL, author of LOKI

‘Full of fun and adventure, this time-travel tale will show you the Romans as you’ve never imagined them before.’ THE WEEK JUNIOR

‘Pure chaotic hilarity’ S. J. WILLS

Aliya Aboard the Time Train

The spectacular sequel to Middle Eastern-inspired fantasy Aliya to the Infinite City

When sinister magic threatens Aliya’s world once more, she is sent away on a school trip for her own safety aboard the time-travelling Silver Express.

But what is supposed to be an educational journey through Egyptian history becomes a deadly race to save it from evil time-twister and master of disguise, Dorian Darke.

  • A stunning adventure story for readers aged 9 and up 
  • Book 1 was shortlisted for the Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition 2021
  • For fans of Nura and the Immortal Palace and The Kingdom Over the Sea



‘An epic adventure packed with richness, history and a brilliant new magical school!’ ZOHRA NABI, Author of The Kingdom Over the Sea

Annie Leblanc Is Not Dead Yet

An unforgettable new contemporary story from major YA talent and author of This is Not the End, Molly Morris.

Every ten years in Wil’s home town of Lennon, California, one person is brought back to life for thirty days.

Wil brings back her ex-best friend Annie LeBlanc. Wil’s ecstatic – who cares that Annie stopped speaking to her before she died?

Discovering a loophole that means Annie can stay alive, Wil has one summer to make things work. But first, Wil might have to face some difficult truths about their past friendship.

  • Addressing healthy friendship and friendship break-ups in a clever, witty and relatable way.
  • Perfect for fans of contemporary YA with a speculative edge such as The Rest of Us Just Live Here.


‘The novel explores challenging themes with a lightness of touch’ THE SCHOOL LIBRARIAN

Nush and the Stolen Emerald

A stunning new historical children’s novel from Costa Award-winning author of Asha & the Spirit Bird.

Nush is maharani of an Indian kingdom. The British East India Company has already taken land and their most divine jewel – an emerald the size of a small apple.

When the Maharajah decides to go to England to ask Queen Victoria for help, Nush stows away on her father’s ship.

This is her moment to shine – and bring back the emerald that will heal the kingdom . . .

  • A fabulous new historical direction from Costa-winning and Waterstones-shortlisted author, Jasbinder Bilan.
  • Themes of colonialism and identity, mixed with an action-packed royal mystery.


‘A light-filled, huge-hearted delight’ KATHERINE RUNDEL  

‘Atmospheric, dreamy, charged with wonder and menace, loss, sorrow and delight’ TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT 

‘Beautifully written, richly atmospheric and touchingly spiritual’ DAILY MAIL

The Island at the Edge of Night

A twisty-turny shadowy mystery from highly-acclaimed and Waterstones Prize-shortlisted author Lucy Strange. 

Abandoned at a boarding school on a wild and remote island, Faye Fitzgerald discovers that she and the other pupils have been sent there for doing something wicked.

But what is it that Faye has done?

She might be bold enough to tackle the sinister mysteries of the island, but has she the courage to face the secrets deep within herself?

A stunning new tale from the Queen of Gothic, Lucy Strange – author of The Secret of Nightingale WoodSisters of the Lost Marsh, The Ghost of Gosswater and the Waterstones Prize-shortlisted Our Castle by the Sea

A masterful blend of thrilling Gothic mystery, a touch of magical realism and stunning writing, all wrapped up in a twisty-turny plot

Perfect for fans of Frances Hardinge and Emma Carroll

A Ship in the Dark

A stunning adventure from the Branford Boase Award-shortlisted author of The Map of Leaves.

Anna lives on remote Windrose Island, caring for its birds.

When her stepfather Caleb is arrested for smuggling, she must prove his innocence. The truth may lie on board the Albatross, a missing whaler.

Anna and her friend Mina travel the high seas to find the lost ship before ruthless Society Man, Bartholomew Rime…

But without a map, only migrating birds and the song of whales can show the way.


  • A stunning new novel from the author of The Map of Leaves, shortlisted for the Branford Boase Award 2023
  • A masterfully-written, classic literary adventure with themes of female empowerment
  • For fans of The Girl of Ink & Stars and The Lost Whale

Ajay and the Treasure of Thar

Ajay and his friends are back in a third adventure! 

When eight-year-old Kai – custodian of a legendary treasure map – asks the Mumbai Sun team for help, Ajay knows he has landed on his next story.

The team is propelled into a journey through the Blue City of Jodhpur, to the temples of Ranakpur, and the desert city of Jaisalmer.

But a dastardly billionaire treasure hunter has heard of the map too . . .

  • The third story in the critically acclaimed series which began with Ajay and the Mumbai Sun – shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2023 and winner of the Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition
  • A series of truth, friendship and determination set in modern-day India
  • Wonderfully illustrated by Sònia Albert and starring a lovable ensemble cast of characters 

Three Cheers for the River School

A delightful boarding school adventure set in Nigeria – the third novel in critically acclaimed trilogy.

It’s a new school year and Jummy is looking forward to playing football – but then the new head teacher decides to ban it!

Instead, the girls must host an inter-school music festival that the rival boys’ school is likely to win.

With River School pride at stake, Jummy and her team must come up with a new game plan – and fast.

  • A characterful own-voices story and the third novel in the critically acclaimed trilogy.
  • Jummy at the River School was chosen as the BA Indie Book of the Month and the Blackwell’s Children’s Book of the Month.
  • A glorious collision of old-fashioned boarding-school tropes with vibrant 1990s Nigeria.

Oh Mummy Mia!

Join the Gods Squad in Ancient Egypt in the new hilarious adventure from the bestselling author of the Who Let the Gods Out series!

The Gods Squad is back!

Seth, the Egyptian god of war, has kidnapped Ra, the sun god – and now Earth is on the brink of total destruction.

It’s up to Vesper and Aster to bravely descend to the Egyptian underworld to find Ra and save the world … again.

Enemies old and new are gathering to defeat them, but how many lives do Vesper and Aster have left?

  • The second story in superstar author Maz Evans’s hilarious series, which started with Oh Maya Gods!
  • As well as a brand-new Gods Squad led by Vesper and Aster, your favourite characters from the bestselling Who Let the Gods Out? series are back
  • Book 2 of 3 in a superlative new spin-off series of mythological baddies – this time in Ancient Egypt

Mission: Microraptor

Two boys and a microraptor. A dark, mysterious forest. And a squad of army-trained mercenaries searching for them. What could possibly go wrong?

Falling behind their classmates on a school trip to the Alps, Finn and Milo stumble upon an egg buried in ice.

Later that night it hatches and a 65-million-year-old baby is born: Arty is a microraptor brought back from extinction.

But keeping her safe proves harder. Wicked scientists will do anything to get their hands on her, and soon Finn and Milo must run for their lives …

  • The first in an thrilling new series of all-action environmental adventures – with added dinosaurs!
  • A super-cool debut voice in middle-grade; think Jurassic Park meets Wimpy Kid with a dash of Alex Rider
  • Packed full of humour, action and adventure – with survival skills and a dinosaur friend called Arty!
  • Features brilliantly charming illustrations from Euan Cook throughout

Soulmates and Other Ways to Die

A high-concept enemies-to-lovers romance – sure to be a BookTok hit!

Good news: we all have a soulmate somewhere.

Bad news: it’s caused by a deadly virus. If you feel pain, your KinTwin does too. If you die – they die too.

Control-freak Zoe is determined to stay alive. And single. She carries a survival kit for every eventuality, except for when her phone lights up with a blood match to Milo Spencer, a boy who lives for recreational danger.

Time to find a cure before love wins – or worse …

  • A brand-new high-concept speculative romance story from the author of My Love Life and the Apocalypse
  • An enemies-to-lovers soulmate story
  • Perfect for fans of They Both Die at the End

All the Hidden Monsters

It takes one to know one.

Sage is an ordinary girl and a werewolf, moving between worlds, desperate to make sense of her life.

When her supernatural friend, Lucy, is found murdered in the human domain, she’s determined to join the investigation, led by handsome warlock, Oren Rinallis.

Sage is neither magical nor immortal, but she knows right from wrong, and can scent a killer like no other – unless she and Oren kill each other first …

  • The first in a stunning YA crime romantasy series – each title standalone – from an outstanding new YA talent 
  • Think slow-burn enemies-to-lovers romance, twisty crime, and a supernatural detective gang in a unique urban fantasy setting under the city of Manchester
  • For fans of Cassandra Clare, with a touch of Rivers of London 

The Kill Factor by Ben Oliver

Squid Game meets Black Mirror in an electrifying new YA story from the author of acclaimed The Loop series. 

In a world where social media is everything and followers equal money, Emerson is facing a prison sentence.

Then, she’s offered a way out: a brand new gameshow for young felons that combines social media and reality TV.

The first prize? Freedom – and a comfortable life for Emerson’s little brother.

But if she loses? Incarceration for life.

The games kick off on a remote island with the prison at its heart. Little do the viewers or contestants know the prison is empty – and the truth about why is even more brutal than the games themselves …

  • A truly edge-of-your-seat sci-fi dystopia with a fresh, reality TV twist
  • Perfect for fans of The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games
  • A sure-fire TikTok hit!


‘Your next YA obsession.’ ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

‘A terrifying and sinister look into the future that will leave your jaw on the floor.’ KASS MORGAN, author of THE 100

‘Fans of The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner should look no further … Thrilling and terrifying in equal measure.’ OBSERVER

The Cloud Thief

A gorgeously cosy fantasy novel from the acclaimed author of The Apprentice Witch series and The Spell Tailors – perfect for fans of Studio Ghibli and Diana Wynne Jones.

Mara’s village needs more rain. Without it, the crops and animals will suffer.

But in a world where clouds are brought and sold, the only way Mara can get one is to steal it. But when is it right to do something wrong?

And is she brave enough to take on the cloud makers and their greedy trade?

  • A spellbinding new fantasy from the acclaimed author of the Apprentice Witch trilogy and The Spell Tailors
  • Set in a unique magical world, where clouds are made, bought, and sold
  • For fans of Studio Ghibli and Diana Wynne Jones – with an eco twist!
  • Explores important themes such as climate change, animal rights and inequality in an engaging child-friendly and accessible way


‘Reminded me of the best of the Worst Witch books’ ABI ELPHINSTONE

‘A charming tale of magic, bravery and friendship, reminiscent of Diana Wynne Jones.’ GUARDIAN

Entirely more charming, adventurous, and full of heart than a book has any right to be.’ TRENTON LEE STEWART

‘A delightful, witty and vivid story’ KIRAN MILLWOOD HARGRAVE