Allan Stratton

Allan Stratton is the internationally acclaimed author of Life, Above All (originally published as Chanda's Secrets by Chicken House in 2005).

Allan’s career took off with Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii (1980), one of the most produced comedies in Canadian theatre history. His novel, Chanda's Wars, (US/Canadian title) won the Canadian Library Association's Young Adult Canadian Book Award, 2009, and is on the Best Books List of the CCBC, USA and Canada.

Allan is published in Britain, the USA, France, Germany, Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, the Netherlands, Australia and Slovenia.

Life, Above All

Like any girl, 16-year-old Chanda Kabelo keeps secrets.

She is determined to be loyal to her rebellious friend Esther. She wishes she didn’t have to spend so much time listening to her Mama chat with their nosy neighbour Mrs Tafa.

But one secret threatens to silence everything. All around her people are dying and everyone is afraid to say why. But Chanda knows – it’s because of AIDS.

Life, Above All is the tense and deeply moving story of one girl’s struggle to rescue those she loves from a tragedy that is destroying her world.

First published in the UK under the title Chanda's Secrets.