Kevin Brooks

Kevin Brooks was born in 1959 and grew up in Exeter, Devon. After finishing school he moved to London to try and become a rock star, and had many interesting and unusual day jobs – working in a zoo, a crematorium and a post office – before turning his hand to what he does best: writing hard-hitting and utterly compelling teen fiction.

Kevin has written five enormously successful young adult novels for Chicken House: Martyn PigLucas, Kissing the Rain, Candy, and The Road of the Dead.

Kevin now lives in North Yorkshire.

Kissing the Rain

Moo Nelson walks through life alone and with his eyes down, to avoid being pushed and laughed at by others.

Until the night he sees a car chase and a murder ... or does he?

What is the truth, and who wants to know? It seems a lot of people are asking – the police, the lawyers, the bullies at school, and one very bad guy indeed.

Moo must decide between truth and lies, and he must do it soon, before someone else gets hurt ...