Heather Dyer

Heather Dyer is the author of The Boy in the Biscuit Tin, The Girl with the Broken Wing and The Fish in Room 11.

She was born in 1970 in Scotland, spent most of her childhood in Wales, and also lived in Canada in a cabin by a lake. Heather's books are about ordinary children to whom extraordinary things happen.

Fish in Room 11

Toby lives a lonely life in his pyjamas at the seaside hotel where he was abandoned as a baby. Until the day he's sent down to the beach to look for Cook's lost laundry.

Instead, he finds a pale, thin girl, lying at the water's edge with a long green tail swaying gently in the shallows.

Eliza Flot is a stranded mermaid, and she needs his help. Toby takes to her, and when he meets her noisy parents he practically becomes part of the family. But Toby's new friendship arouses suspicion back at the hotel. And Toby and the Flots must come up with a plan to rescue each other.