Orla and the Wild Hunt

The second novel by mesmerizing middle-grade writer, Anna Hoghton, author of magical Venetian adventure The Mask of Aribella.

Grieving Orla and her brother go to stay with their gran in Ireland – but soon after they arrive, Gran vanishes. Shadowed by a shape-shifting darkness known as the Wild Hunt, the children – especially Orla – must put their sadness behind them if they’re to rescue their beloved gran.


‘[an] enthralling adventure’ THE GUARDIAN

Mask of Aribella

On the eve of her birthday, Aribella discovers she has a secret power – when angered, flames shoot from her fingertips.

Frightened, she runs away, only to be rescued by a magical organization of masked heroes with their own special skills. Aribella and her new friends have sworn to defend Venice, but can they defeat the evil rising from the Island of the Dead?

A captivating middle-grade fantasy in the entrancing setting of historical Venice.