Emma Carroll

Emma Carroll has worked as an English teacher, a news reporter, an avocado picker and the person who punches holes into filofax paper. She now writes full-time which is a lifelong dream come true. Emma’s books are usually historical, often mysterious and full of strong female characters. They include Frost Hollow Hall, The Girl Who Walked On Air, In Darkling Wood, Strange Star, and her most recent novel Letters from the Lighthouse. Sky Chasers is her first novel for Chicken House. Emma lives in the Somerset hills with her husband and two terriers.

Sky Chasers


Orphan Magpie can’t believe her eyes when she sees a boy swept off his feet by a kite … or something that twists and dances in the wind. She goes to his rescue only to find herself dangling in the sky. The world looks so different from on high and suddenly Magpie knows what she wants – to be the first to fly in a balloon above the King and Queen of France ...

A rich and inspirational story based on the true story of the first hot air balloon flight over Paris in the eighteenth century; beautifully written by acclaimed author Emma Carroll from an original idea by Neal Jackson, and with stunning cover art from Waterstones' Children's Book Prize winner David Litchfield.

NaNoWriMo Nov Day 26: Emma Carroll

Posted by Jazz on Saturday November 26th, 2016

We are SUPER excited to be publishing acclaimed author Emma Carroll's first book for Chicken House, Sky Chasers, next year – not least because she gives amazing tips to NaNoWriMo-ers. Nearly there, guys – keep going!  (more…)