Posted by Kesia on Thursday June 30th, 2016

Exactly one week to go until James Nicol’s The Apprentice Witch is magicked into the book world, and we’re delighted to announce that we’ve acquired two more novels in the series – hurray! But what’s it all about?

Arianwyn fails her witch’s assessment – instead of qualifying, she’s declared an apprentice and sent to remote Lull in disgrace. Then her arch-enemy, mean girl Gimma, arrives on holiday determined to make her life a misery. But as a mysterious darkness begins to haunt her spells, Arianwyn realizes there’s much more than her pride at stake…

The second and third books in the series follow Arianwyn’s adventures in Lull: alongside everyday mishaps, friendships and rivalries, she struggles against a dark and growing evil. James Nicol’s funny, wise and magical storytelling is certain to charm fans of Diana Wynne Jones and (dare we say it) Harry Potter – but don’t take our word for it! Here’s a few thoughts from early readers of the first in our bewitching series…

‘Nicol’s debut offers a fresh take on the genre … Infused with mystery, adventure and bundles of charm.’ FIONA NOBLE, THE BOOKSELLER

‘A brilliant book for fans of The Worst Witch, with a perfect balance of humour and tension … a great book for young readers that will keep them enthralled until the last page.’ RICKARO BOOKS

‘It delivers mystery and action in a whirlwind of cinematic, magical adventure which is all fuelled by adrenaline, friendship and bravery. Finally, it all climaxes in a brilliant and vivid ending.’ MR RIPLEY’S ENCHANTED BOOKS

With rights sold in Australia, Canada, Catalan, Czech Republic, France, Germany, New Zealand and Spain – and with Scholastic USA set to make it a lead title in 2017 – we’re sure Arianwyn has a sparkling future. Watch the gorgeous book trailer here:

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