Beetle Boy wins the Branford Boase Award 2017

Posted by Jazz on Thursday July 6th, 2017

We are absolutely thrilled that Beetle Boy has won the Branford Boase Award 2017, along with editors Barry Cunningham and Rachel Leyshon! 

M.G. Leonard's debut won over the judges against a very strong shortlist, including our very own The Girl of Ink & Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave. Beetle Boy was previously shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize, and has received rave reviews across the board. Its sequel, Beetle Queen, was published earlier this year – keep an eye out for the final book in the series, coming in spring 2018!

M.G. says: 'My heart is brimming over with joy and delight that Beetle Boy has won the Branford Boase Award. I am particularly happy that this award is shared with my editors Barry Cunningham and Rachel Leyshon. Everyone who writes a book knows it is a team effort. My editors have taught me a great deal, and helped me to develop confidence in my writing.'

Beetle Boy is the story of Darkus, who befriends a strangely intelligent beetle during the search for his missing father. Together, boy and beetle set out to solve the mystery of his dad's disappearance – but mysterious fashion designer Lucretia Cutter is dead set against their success ...

Barry Cunningham said: ‘I am proud to introduce new writers and to help them fulfil their potential. Finding the editorial magic is a privilege and a pleasure, and Beetle Boy is simply one of the best books I’ve ever published.’

To celebrate, Chicken House will be holding an open novel pitch period on Friday 7th July, 12-5pm. For this time only, we invite writers to submit their novel in one tweet (no pics allowed!) to @chickenhsebooks – Publisher Barry Cunningham and Editorial Director Rachel Leyshon will be keeping an eye on pitches and 'liking' their faves. If yours gets a like from the Chicken House Twitter account, we'll DM you further instructions on how to submit (please make sure you're following us) – good luck, and happy tweeting!

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