Beetle Boy is a Tom Fletcher Book Club pick!

Posted by Jazz on Wednesday September 13th, 2017

Here at Chicken House we are very excited to announce that Beetle Boy by M.G. Leonard has been selected for the first-ever Tom Fletcher Book Club, exclusive to WHSmith! (more…)

Battle of the Beetles

Darkus and his friends continue their unforgettable adventure in this final instalment of the Beetle trilogy! 

Arch-villainess Lucretia Cutter has a secret Biome hidden in the Amazon rainforest: can Darkus and his friends, human and beetle alike, find it before it’s too late? If they can’t stop Lucretia, she will release her hoard of giant Frankenstein beetles, and the planet will never be the same again …

M.G. Leonard on Beetle Boy winning the Branford Boase Award

Posted by Jazz on Wednesday July 12th, 2017

Beetle Boy author M.G. Leonard gives us the gif-filled lowdown on her winning night ...  (more…)

Beetle Boy wins the Branford Boase Award 2017

Posted by Jazz on Thursday July 6th, 2017

We are absolutely thrilled that Beetle Boy has won the Branford Boase Award 2017, along with editors Barry Cunningham and Rachel Leyshon! 


Beetle Queen is published today!

Posted by Jazz on Thursday April 6th, 2017

Yes, you read that right, the time has finally come; Beetle Queen is officially published today! You may have already spotted it in Waterstones before now, but as of today the epic sequel to M.G. Leonard's Beetle Boy is on shelves everywhere. (more…)

Beetle Queen is scuttling into bookshops now ...

Posted by Jazz on Friday March 3rd, 2017

M.G. Leonard's wickedly wonderful Beetle Boy sequel, Beetle Queen, isn't officially publishing until 6th April – but you may have noticed that some lucky readers have managed to get their hands on an early copy (ft. incredible spotty edges!). (more…)

NaNoWriMo Nov Day 7: M.G. Leonard

Posted by Jazz on Monday November 7th, 2016

One week of NaNoWriMo is already gone! If you're in need of some extra inspiration, check out these writing tips from the bestselling author of Beetle Boy, M.G. Leonard ...  (more…)

Beetle Queen

Cruel beetle fashionista, Lucretia Cutter, is at large with her yellow ladybird spies.

When Darkus, Virginia and Bertolt discover further evidence of her evil, they’re determined to stop her. But the three friends are in trouble. Darkus’ dad has forbidden them to investigate any further – and disgusting crooks Humphrey and Pickering are out of prison. Hope rests on Novak, Lucretia’s daughter and a Hollywood actress, but the beetle diva is always one scuttle ahead …

The sequel to the bestselling Beetle Boy, a previous Waterstones' Children's Book of the Month. 

Befriend a Beetle with M.G. Leonard and PTES

Posted by Jazz on Wednesday May 25th, 2016

If you've read Beetle Boy by M.G. Leonard, you'll know what incredible creatures beetles are – but sadly in many countries stag beetles are now extinct. If you live in the south of the UK you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a beetle in the wild, so please keep an eye out for them and visit the People's Trust for Endangered Species website to find out what you should do if a beetle rocks up in your garden. (more…)

New March Books!

Posted by Jazz on Tuesday March 1st, 2016

This Thursday is WORLD BOOK DAY! And is there more apt a day to publish two fantastic books? 3rd March is bringing with it beetle buddies and a (hopefully not real-life) chocolate disaster ... here's a bit more about the brilliant books hitting shelves everywhere today!

The Great Chocoplot by Chris Callaghan 

It's not a thought I like to dwell on too much (I say with a slice of chocolate cake in hand), but what if you woke up one morning to find out all chocolate had just ... disappeared? That's exactly what happens to our protagonist Jelly, who lives in a chocolate-factory town with her family. Following a trail of clues to the suspicious Garibaldi Chocolati, Jelly's determined to end the chocopocalypse! A truly terrifying premise –  but one that's perfect for when you're polishing off those Easter eggs – Chris' debut novel is a funny, original novel guaranteed to make you reach for the chocolate tin!

Follow Chris on Twitter: @callaghansstuff

Beetle Boy by M.G. Leonard

Ah, you might have already seen this one out and about ... M.G. Leonard's debut novel has been available exclusively at Waterstones as its February Children's Book of the Month, but now it's available nationwide! A quirky adventure perfect for fans of Roald Dahl, Beetle Boy tells the story of Darkus, who thinks his dad's disappearance could have something to do with the truly ghastly Lucretia Cutter – a mystery he may only be able to solve with the help of his beetle friend, Baxter. This is a truly remarkable story. with courage and friendship at its heart – check out some of our favourite reviews here!

Follow M.G. on Twitter: @mglnrd

Beetle Boy is Waterstones' Children's Book of the Month!

Posted by Jazz on Tuesday February 2nd, 2016

You've probably already spotted it, but if our excited tweets haven't yet reached you: Beetle Boy by M.G. Leonard is this month's Children's Book of the Month in Waterstones! (more…)

Beetle Boy

Darkus is miserable. His dad has disappeared, and now he is living next door to the most disgusting neighbours ever.

A giant beetle called Baxter comes to his rescue. But can the two solve the mystery of his dad’s disappearance, especially when links emerge to cruel Lucretia Cutter and her penchant for beetle jewellery? A coffee-mug mountain, home to a million insects, could provide the answer – if Darkus and Baxter are brave enough to find it …

TOP 5 FRIDAY: Small characters

Posted by Jazz on Friday May 22nd, 2015

Being a very tall person, Rights Director Elinor Bagenal has always loved all things small – especially in children’s books …

1. ARRIETTY from The Borrowers by Mary Norton

There is something about Arrietty that makes you know that anything is possible – and that being small can actually make you very big.

2. TINKERBELL from Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie

Even though she is very annoying and really knows how to manipulate the heartstrings, Tinkerbell is fun and feisty and always made me long for wings.

3. BERTOLT ROBERTS from Beetle Boy by M. G. Leonard

If ever there was a small person you would want in your life, it’s Bertolt Roberts from the forthcoming Chicken House bestseller. I fell in love with him instantly and adore his earnest steadfastness in the face of terrifying events, his joy in creating huge explosions and the way he never gives up on his friends. Publishing 2016!

4. TRUMPKIN from Prince Caspian by C. S. Lewis

For his loyalty to Prince Caspian, his grumpiness about the four children being noble kings and queens, and his willingness to give his life to save Narnia.

5. THE LEPRECHAUN from Turf Cutter’s Donkey by Patricia Lynch

However old you are it doesn’t stop you looking for magic under every rainbow.  If you see me searching in the highways and byways it is because I still believe I’ll find a leprechaun – one of the most elusive of people –  to beg him to mend the holes in my boots. And then of course they’ll become magic and I’ll be able to leap over mountains, stride across seas like Elaine and never need to wait for public transport ever again.

And of course, Barry Cunningham – the smallest person in children’s publishing who has the biggest personality and the most enormous gift of generosity.

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