M.G. Leonard on Beetle Boy winning the Branford Boase Award

Posted by Jazz on Wednesday July 12th, 2017

Beetle Boy author M.G. Leonard gives us the gif-filled lowdown on her winning night ... 

On Wednesday 5th July I went with the Chicken House massive to Walker Books for the Branford Boase Award ceremony.

And Beetle Boy won!

I am over the moon.

Because the special thing about the Branford Boase is it is awarded to the author AND editors of the book.

Because writing your first book is tough.

And your editor is important.

So I got to celebrate with Barry, who is famous for wearing a big hat (and a tiny bit for being the editor who published Harry Potter).

And the wonderful Rachel, who works with me closely on the editing and whom I adore.

I'm shocked and delighted that I won such a prestigious award, because I struggled with writing at school.

And I used to be scared of creepy crawlies.

But now I love beetles and work tirelessly to share that passion and spread the message about habitat conservation.

Thank you to everyone involved in judging Beetle Boy fit to receive the Branford Boase Award, to Chicken House for doing such a wonderful job publishing it, and to anyone who has read and recommended the book.

The beetles thank you too.

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