Maz Evans is Spurgeons' first ever ambassador

Posted by Jazz on Wednesday February 8th, 2017

Those of you who've already managed to get your hands on a copy of Who Let the Gods Out? will know that it is not lacking in the hilarity stakes – readers young and old have been loving Maz Evans' hilarious mythological romp. But it's also the tale of a young boy in a very difficult position: caring for his very poorly mum whilst still at school.

This is a reality for a huge number of young people across the UK – around 700,000, in fact – and it's an issue very close to Maz's heart, having helped her grandmother care for her grandfather when she was a student.

Maz found the inspiration for Elliot, the hero of Who Let the Gods Out?, while teaching a creative writing programme in schools. 'Every school I visited had at least one child in a caring role and many have shared their experiences with me. Through talking to them, I found a young carer hero for my fantasy story – but more importantly, I have had the privilege of meeting so many more heroes in the everyday world.'

So, we're very proud to announce that Maz has been appointed as the first ever ambassador for Spurgeons, a charity which supports children and families affected by social disadvantage. In the last year, it reached over 37,000 children and 64,000 parents or carers through its services.

Maz says: 'Spurgeons do the most extraordinary work by seeking out groups of young people that might otherwise go undetected and unsupported. They shine a light on those who could be lost in the darkness – it is my hope and promise that through my work as ambassador, I will help them to make that light burn even brighter.'

You can find out more about Who Let the Gods Out? here and visit the Spurgeons website here.

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