New April books!

Posted by Jazz on Tuesday April 9th, 2019

It’s officially spring! The sun is shining on us here at a Chicken House HQ and three fantastic little book chicks have just hatched. If you like fantasy and magic, April is the month for you. Here’s what's out now … (more…)

Stuart Hill stops by our blog

Posted by Jazz on Thursday February 14th, 2019

Today marks the publication of a brand-new edition of Stuart Hill's classic novel The Cry of the Icemark! Stuart stopped by the blog to tell us about his journey from aspiring writer to award-winning published author ...  (more…)

Stuart Hill

Stuart Hill, author of the popular Cry of the Icemark fantasy trilogy and the prequel The Prince of the Icemark, was born in 1958 and raised in Leicester, where he still lives. He failed all his exams at school, but was fortunate enough to be taught by an inspiring teacher who gave him a lifelong love of reading.

Since leaving school he has worked as a car trimmer, a cemetery gardener and an archaeologist, but it was during snatched coffee breaks from his job in a busy book shop that Stuart wrote his first children's book, The Cry of the Icemark. This debut went on to win the inaugural Waterstones Children's Book Prize in 2005.

Stuart's books have since been translated into 15 languages.

Icemark Chronicles Prequel: Prince of the Icemark

Prequel to the bestselling The Cry of the Icemark.

When his brother, the king, is killed in battle, brave young Prince Redrought must rally his people and learn to defend his tiny kingdom against savage supernatural invaders – werewolves, vampires and zombies. Redrought must take the fight to enemy territory in The-Land-of-the-Ghosts, and it’s there he will fall or stand for ever in the legends of the Icemark.

Icemark Chronicles 1: The Cry of the Icemark

When her father dies in battle, 14-year-old Thirrin becomes Queen of the Icemark.

Determined to defend her tiny kingdom from the most terrible invasion her nation has ever known, this is the epic story of how she rallies her country and finds some extraordinary new allies: Vampires, Wolf-folk, giant Snow Leopards and – most precious of all – her friend Oskan, Witch’s Son.

Waterstones Children’s Book Prize Winner 2005.

Books 2 and 3, Blade of Fire and Last Battle of the Icemark, are available in ebook format.