Meet Milton, your new fave spider-pal

Posted by Jazz on Thursday November 29th, 2018

We are VERY excited to announce an eight-legged addition to the Chicken House list: Milton the Mighty

Emma Read's debut is a fresh, funny adventure for ages 7 and up, illustrated by Alex G. Griffiths. Starring the friendliest spider you'll ever meet, you're guaranteed to root for Milton as he attempts to clear his name online. (Or, you might say, on the WEB. Heheheh.)

When little spider Milton discovers he’s been branded deadly on social media – and is targeted by pest-killers BugKILL – he fears for his life and the future of his species. Alongside his BFFs, big hairy Ralph and spindly daddy-long-legs Audrey, he searches for a way to clear his name. But to succeed, Milton realises he must communicate with his house humans, a schoolgirl called Zoe – and her arachnophobic dad. Is he mighty enough to achieve the impossible?

Spiders aren't so scary after all, right? We can't wait for you all to meet Milton - he's even cuter than this lil guy...


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