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Posted by Jazz on Wednesday July 15th, 2020

(Home) School is out for the summer! 

While teachers and school librarians up and down the country have a (much deserved) rest, it doesn’t mean the reading has to stop!

Reading for pleasure is so great for childhood development. From the short-term benefits of imagination building and improved creativity to longer-term benefits like enhanced adult empathy and a better social skills*, reading outside of term time is a great way of fostering creative minds.

We know there are so many distractions once school’s out for the summer – even after months of homeschooling! – but perhaps, if we can encourage them to pick up the right book, this might be the summer you create a reader for life!

Below, you’ll find some of our favourite summer reads – even if we might not be able to go away on holiday this year, perhaps a book can take you there ...

Enjoy your summer, and happy reading!

Milton the MegastarSummer Reads 2020, Milton the Megastar, Chicken House

Can you believe it? Milton is now an eight-legged superstar! But instead of enjoying his fame, he’s feeling a bit stressed out. So when Dad and Greta plan a trip to Hawaii, Zoe knows she has to take Milton along too – everyone needs a bit of a break. 

However, with a live volcano, an endangered spider species, an unscrupulous entrepreneur and Milton’s ego to contend with, this is hardly a holiday …

Milton the Megastar is a brilliantly funny adventure story, featuring illustrations from Alex G Griffiths and Lisa Reed and ideal for readers aged 8 and up.

Find out more and get your copy here!

The Mask of AribellaSummer Reads 2020, The Mask of Aribella, Chicken House

Imagine waking up one morning and realising that you can shoot flames from your fingertips when you’re angry! Well, that’s exactly what happens to Aribella on the eve of her birthday. Running frightened, she’s rescued by an elusive magical group that are sworn to defend Venice – but can they defeat the evil rising from the Island of the Dead?

Set in the beautiful Italian city of Venice, The Mask of Aribella is ideal for readers aged 9 and up – especially if they enjoy magic, mystery and adventure!

Find out more and get your copy here!

Asha & the Spirit BirdSummer Reads 2020, Asha & the Spirit Bird, Chicken House

Not many of us have been as lucky as to see the Himalayas first-hand, but that’s precisely where Asha & the Spirit Bird will take you! Asha and her friend Jeevan embark on a journey across the Himalayan mountains to try and find Asha’s father and save their home.

Following the path of a majestic bird that Asha believes to be the spirit of her grandmother, the pair’s adventure is rich in visual language, taking your imaginationon a real journey(even if your body is still very much at home).

Find out more and get your copy here!

SpylarkSummer Reads 2020, Spylark, Chicken House

When it stops raining (and even when it doesn’t), there are few places as beautiful as the Lake District. For Tom – who has struggled to walk since an accident – flying his drone, Spylark, over the place he grew up gives him a little freedom. But the beauty of the lakes isn’t the only thing that Tom spots through Spylark. He stumbles upon a terrorist plot, and he has to find a way to stop it … before it’s too late.

Find out more and get your copy here!

*For more info on storytelling in childhood, the BBC has some fantastic resources:

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