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Posted by Jazz on Thursday January 7th, 2016

To celebrate the release of Inferno, the second explosive installment in the Blood for Blood trilogy, today we have a guest post from author Catherine Doyle

It’s Inferno release day, and I’m so excited to finally share this book with everyone! I wanted to make it bigger and better than Vendetta. I wanted Sophie to come back with a bang! But most of all, I wanted it to have been worth the wait.

Before I began working on Vendetta in late 2012, I was sure of the kind of novel I wanted to write. I was a ‘Disney’ Kid and a ‘Godfather’ Teenager. I wanted to combine these worlds for a YA audience – to create a sinister atmosphere and a sweeping romance. I wanted to write a heroine who was brave, but flawed – someone who would grow and learn from the adversaries in her life, someone who could wade into the darkest parts of herself and still hold on to a flicker of light, of humour.

Vendetta is the story of seventeen-year-old Sophie Gracewell – sarcastic, brave, a little bit naïve but ultimately good-hearted. It follows her sudden involvement with a mysterious family of five boys who move into her neighbourhood, and slowly unveils the sinister underworld in which they live. Vendetta was the beginning of Sophie’s story; Inferno is her transformation.

Inferno is as much about friendship as it is about love. It is about family and loyalty, big secrets and even bigger decisions. There are violets, cemeteries, Millie-rants, mafia queens, hot brothers, enigmatic sisters, dolphins, prisons, sarcasm, nightclubs, twists, high stakes … aaaaand one very special doughnut. 😉

It’s thrilling, romantic and hopefully … surprising. I hope it makes you swoon, laugh, cry, gasp and/or flail.

To celebrate the release of Inferno, I have written four special bonus stories, which can be found on my website, These short stories are exclusive alternate point-of-view chapters from some of my favourite characters in the Blood for Blood series: Luca, Nic, Valentino and Millie. Each story takes place inside a scene from Vendetta, but from a slightly different angle. They reveal a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the Falcone family dynamics, the inner workings of Millie’s brain, and just what was going through Nic and Luca’s minds the very first time they met Sophie Gracewell!

The stories are the perfect appetiser for Inferno! I hope you enjoy them. And if you do, please shout about them online with me and send me your shipping allegiance too! 🙂

All my very best,

Cat x

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