Fandom Rising

The sequel to Anna Day's breathtaking debut The Fandom

It’s a year since Violet, Alice and Katie escaped from the dystopian world of The Gallows Dance – Nate’s been stuck in a coma ever since. Violet re-enters The Gallows Dance, determined to bring her brother home. After an argument that threatens to destroy their friendship, Alice stays behind. But when a rogue fanfiction writer emerges online – writing dark new chapters set in the world her friends are trapped in – Alice is the only one with the power to save the story ...

Get ready to RISE

Posted by Jazz on Friday November 23rd, 2018

It's no secret that we at Chicken House ADORED Anna Day's amazing debut, The Fandom. A novel where a group of fans go into the story they're obsessed with? THE DREAM.

So, we are SUPER EXCITED to reveal the title and cover of the sequel. Without any further ado, we present to you ...


Doesn't it look AMAZING? We are totally in love with Helen Crawford-White's awesome cover design.

The Fandom Rising takes place a year after the events of The Fandom. We don't want to give too much away, so here's a snapshot ...

  • A journey back into the world of The Gallows Dance 
  • A split POV narrative
  • A rogue fanfiction writer
  • A race against time to save [SPOILER]
  • Hot fictional guys
  • Badass girls who take matters into their own hands

And for those of you who've read The Fandom, we have an exclusive extract to share! Spoilers abound, so scroll down to read - and be sure to follow @annadayauthor on Twitter to find out all the latest news.


‘So it’s been over a year since we woke from our comas …’

The word coma sounds in my head like an alarm. ‘We don’t talk about that,’ I snap.

‘It’s the secret rule,’ Katie says. ‘Don’t break the secret rule, Vi, or me and Alice will dump your ass and find another bestie.’ Her mouth smiles, but her eyes fill with panic.

‘But why don’t we talk about it?’ Violet pleads.

The coffee turns into something acidic which I can’t swallow down. ‘Because it’s terrifying,’ I say. ‘We fell unconscious for a week for no medical reason.’ I drop my voice, the words painful in my throat. ‘What if it happens again?’

Katie cradles her cup with both hands like she’s trying to comfort it. ‘It’s hard core.’

Violet leans forwards, an urgent look on her face. ‘It’s more than that though, isn’t it? I mean, yes it’s terrifying, but not just because we fell into comas, but because … because …’ she stares into her froth like the right words will suddenly appear, scrawled in chocolate sprinkles, ‘… we weren’t really in comas.’

Katie grabs her hand as if trying to silence her, causing her latte to tip and slop onto the table. She doesn’t seem to care.  ‘Stop it, Violet, please.’

I can’t hear this. My head is going to explode.

But Violet doesn’t stop. ‘Do either of you ever have crazy dreams, or images which flash into your brain? I don’t just mean normal everyday stuff, I mean crazy stuff. Do you ever remember being … there?’ She whispers the last word.

No, no, no. I can’t think about Comic-con. I can’t thing about those memories which gnaw at my dreams.

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