New Reads: March 2022

Posted by Olivia Jeggo on Thursday March 3rd, 2022

March brings two new reads with it this month ...


Boy in the Post

A charming action-packed adventure across the Atlantic from acclaimed author Holly Rivers!

Siblings Orinthia and Séafra Shalloo accept a summer job from eccentric Grandy, who has collected a menagerie of furry and feathered posties known as animails.

The children are especially fond of Geronimo, a homing pelican. But when the big bird fails to return from a delivery, Taber – the youngest sibling – is devastated; so much so, he mails himself to New York, where Geronimo was sent.

Orinthia and Séafra follow suit, stealing a precious stamp and hopping in a freight crate – and soon all are embarked on an extraordinarily daring first-class adventure …


New reads: February 2020

Posted by Jazz on Wednesday February 5th, 2020

If February is the season of love, then shower us in rose petals and plonk a kiss on our feathery cheek because COR do we have some treats for you! (more…)