Introducing: My Friend the Octopus by Lindsay Galvin

Posted by Jazz on Thursday January 27th, 2022

We're very excited to announce a new middle-grade novel from the bestselling author of Darwin's Dragons, Lindsay Galvin: My Friend the Octopus!

A gripping Victorian mystery with a touching connection between a young girl and an octopus at its heart, My Friend the Octopus effortlessly blends exciting adventure with a rip-roaring historical mystery and non-fiction elements.

England, 1877, and aquarium fever is at its height. Twelve-year-old Vinnie Fyfe works in the tea-shop at Brighton aquarium, and waits for her milliner mother to return from Paris.

The arrival of a giant octopus changes her life for ever. Discovering a talent for art, Vinnie begins to draw the extraordinary beast.

She soon realises she can communicate with the octopus through colour and – as a gripping mystery begins to unfold – discovers what true courage really means ...

My Friend the Octopus will be hitting shelves in June 2022. In the meantime, check out the amazing cover and pre-order your copy below!






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