Beetle Boy is a Tom Fletcher Book Club pick!

Posted by Jazz on Wednesday September 13th, 2017

Here at Chicken House we are very excited to announce that Beetle Boy by M.G. Leonard has been selected for the first-ever Tom Fletcher Book Club, exclusive to WHSmith!

Tom has picked ten of the best children's books by fantastic authors that he thinks readers aged 7-11 will love – and our own Beetle Boy is the perfect choice, packed full of incredible beetles, daring adventure and wonderful illustrations by Júlia Sardà.

Darkus can’t believe his eyes when a huge insect drops out of the trouser leg of his horrible new neighbour. It’s a giant beetle - and it seems to want to communicate. But how can a boy be friends with a beetle? And what does a beetle have to do with the disappearance of his dad and the arrival of Lucretia Cutter, with her taste for creepy jewellery?

Tom is no stranger to the world of children's books, having authored the wildly successful The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas series with McFly bandmate Dougie Poynter, plus his own novel The Christmasaurus.

Here's what Tom had to say about Beetle Boy:

'This book will take you on an adventure through museums, mansions and secret hideouts where you’ll meet thousands of the most fascinating beetles. I had to pause to google all the different species and couldn’t believe they were real! The action and adventure reminded me of Indiana Jones with a villain evil enough to rival Cruella De Vil. By the end, you’ll think beetles are the coolest creatures on the planet and wish one would choose you as a companion.'

We couldn't agree more. If you've got beetle mania check out the sequel to Beetle Boy, Beetle Queen, and keep an eye out for the third and final book in the series The Battle of the Beetleshitting bookshops in February 2018!

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