OUR CASTLE BY THE SEA is chosen as the FIRST Indie Children's Book of the Month šŸŒŠ

Posted by Jazz on Thursday January 3rd, 2019

We are very proud to announce thatĀ Our Castle by the SeaĀ by Lucy Strange is the FIRST EVER Independent Booksellers' Children's Book of the Month!Ā  (more…)

Our Castle by the Sea

England is at war. Growing up in a lighthouse, Petā€™s world has been one of storms, secret tunnels and stories about sea monsters.

But now the clifftops are a terrifying battleground, and her family is torn apart. This is the story of a girl who is small, afraid and unnoticed. A girl who freezes with fear at the enemy planes ripping through the skies overhead. A girl who is somehow destined to become part of the strange, ancient legend of the Daughters of Stone ā€¦

NaNoWriMo Nov Day 18: Lucy Strange

Posted by Jazz on Friday November 18th, 2016

Today the author of the stunningĀ The Secret of Nightingale Wood, Lucy Strange, is sharing her top writing tips for all aspiring writers.Ā  (more…)

The Secret of Nightingale Wood is Waterstones' Children's Book of the Month!

Posted by Jazz on Saturday October 1st, 2016

IntroducingĀ The Secret of Nightingale Wood by Lucy StrangeĀ ā€“ a gorgeous, haunting winter read, and now Waterstones' Children's Book of the Month!Ā  (more…)

Secret of Nightingale Wood

1919. Henry has moved to theĀ countryside with her parentsĀ and her baby sister, Piglet ā€“ allĀ still scarred by the death ofĀ her brother. Alone in her head,Ā she begins to explore herĀ surroundings, encouraged by herĀ only friends ā€“ characters fromĀ her favourite books. NobodyĀ much notices when she wandersĀ into the woods at the bottomĀ of the garden and meets Moth,Ā a striking witch-like woman.Ā Together they form a bond thatĀ could help Henry save her family.

Lucy Strange

Lucy Strange worked as an actor, singer and storyteller before becoming a secondary school English teacher. She lives in the Kent countryside with her partner James, their baby boy and a tortoiseshell cat known as the Moo. Our Castle by the Sea is Lucyā€™s second novel for Chicken House, following her critically acclaimed debut, The Secret of Nightingale Wood.